GoFood – Order from the Top takeaways restaurants in UAE

GoFood is your corner for placing your food orders from the leading takeaways restaurants in UAE.

We offer you all to register to our website or download our app (Android & iOS) from where you can pick the closest to your location restaurant for ordering take away food.

Why takeaway food ordering is the best option?

Many perks are bound with online takeaway food ordering. GoFood wants to showcase the following benefits:

  • Less Time consuming:

Consider cooking the entire food yourself and then compare it with the time taken for the restaurants to prepare it for you. Hardly 45 minutes are taken by any restaurant as they keep everything ready in advance. You don’t have to stand in the kitchen for hours preparing for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  • Convenience

The biggest reason for choosing GoFood for your takeaway order is convenience. You don’t have to halt your work or anything else important to cook your meal. Just place your order at the nearby takeaways restaurants in UAE via GoFood, sit back, and focus on what’s important. You will be notified when the food will be ready. After getting a notification, step out for taking your order & bring it home. It’s that easy.

  • Save Money

If you think about dining out, you would have to pay a huge amount. Not when GoFood is there. Our takeaway service offers you to save a huge amount on your meal. You don’t have to pay any service tax or additional tax. In many cases when you place an online delivery order, some restaurants increase their delivery charges during situations like rain, rush hours, etc. This is not the case with takeaways restaurants in UAE. When you are going to take your order from the food place, you will not be charged with any additional cost. Therefore, you are saving a big amount.

  • No Headache of phone misconception

Our delivery persons are trained for their job, but in worst cases telling them the exact location could be difficult though the phone. That’s when our takeaway service comes handy. All you have to do is just place your order, pick your payment option, and take your order from the counter when it’s ready.

That’s why takeaway restaurants are so in-demand and so is GoFood.

Whenever you place your order, we make sure that it is prepared the right way, especially when you have placed a customised order. All our efforts are in favour to provide you with the best meal without paying any additional cost.

Go for GoFood now!